How to turn off Screen Overlay S5: Hey Guys, Welcome to the Screen Overlay Detected Android Help Community!!! We are here to help you guys to fix Screen Overlay error on your Android device. Nowadays Screen Overlay Detected is one of the most annoying error on Android Marshmallow Devices and it will keep on annoying until you find an ultimate solution for Samsung Screen Overlay Detected Error. In this post, we are going to discuss How to turn off Screen Overlay on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Before going to the solution of How to turn off Screen Overlay S5, you must know What is Screen Overlay Meaning? SO that you can permanently turn off Screen Overlay on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

When you are installing any new app on your Samsung Galaxy S5 then you need to permit certain permissions such as contact, storage, camera and etc. And if while installing any new app on S5, active Whatsapp Screen Overlay Permission is observed then suddenly you will see a popup with message “Screen Overlay Detected”.

Screen Overlay Detected: 

To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off screen overlay from Settings > Apps

Open Settings

how to turn off screen overlay s5

How to turn off Screen Overlay S5:

You can turn off Screen Overlay on S5 by uninstalling some applications such as Clean Master, AZ Video Recorder or Night Mode but it won’t permanently turn off screen overlay detected on S5. Hence best would be to turn off screen overlay of all apps in your S5. Screen Overlay Detected popup on S5 asks us to disable screen overlay before granting permission to the newly installed apps. You can turn off Screen Overlay on S5 by following Screen Overlay S5 Settings:

  1. Open Settings.screen overlay settings
  2. Scroll down to Apps.
  3. Click on Application Manager.screen overlay manager
  4. Click on More option on top right corner.screen overlay detected s5
  5. Select Apps that can appear on top.
  6. Again Click on More Option and select Show System Apps.
  7. Now the whole list of Screen Overlay Apps on your S5 will appear.
  8. Now turn off Screen Overlay of all apps one by one.

So these were following Screen Overlay Settings for all Samsung Devices such as Samsung S5, S6, S7, J7, J5, J2, Note 4, Note 5 and for all Samsung Devices. Hope this helps you guys to tackle Screen Overlay Detected on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and this error won’t appear on your Samsung Device. This solution also works on Screen Overlay Detected Lenovo.

This solution must solve Screen Overlay Detected error on your Samsung Galaxy S5, if this isn’t helping you out then no worries because we have also got other solution for you guys.

Alternate Solution 1:

Once the list of apps which have permission to appear on top of other apps appears, then if you can identify which app is currently making problem on your device and then force stop or disable that app from your Android device then Screen Overlay Detected may permanently disappear from your device. You just need to temporarily disable screen overlay of those apps. Here are few hints on which app must be causing this Screen Overlay issue on your device:

Do you see an animated button or rocket launcher on the home screen of your device, if yes then either uninstall or turn off screen overlay of all those apps which are making such animating appears on the home screen of your device?
Do you have an app that may change the colors on the display or adjusts the brightness like night modes or twinkle?
Clean Master and DU apps are also main suspects behind this all screen overlay detected popups on Android device. If you see Clean Master or any Booster or security apps on the list, then disable all those apps. This solution has also worked for fixing Screen Overlay Detected Samsung J7.

Solution 2

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected S5

In the first solution, we described how to turn off screen overlay detected S5 but this is just one step solution to turn off screen overlay detected S5 of all apps by one simple setting. In this solution, we will reset app preferences off all apps which will turn off screen overlay detected on S5 for all apps. Also, Remeber Resetting App Preferences will change all default app settings, notification setting and all saved settings of all apps on your S5. Follow below settings to Reset App Preferences on S5:

  1. Open Settings.screen overlay settings
  2. Scroll down to Apps.
  3. Click on Application Manager.screen overlay manager
  4. Click on More option on top right corner.screen overlay detected s5
  5. Select Reset App Preferences.reset app preferences samsung
  6. Popup with warning will appear, click on Reset to Reset App Preferences.reset app preferences

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This must disable screen overlay detected on your Samsung S5 device. If you face Screen Overlay Detected again then you can again apply for this screen overlay detected solution, it is easy and simple to apply. Do share in a comment section below, which Screen Overlay Solution worked for your Samsung Galaxy S5 and please do suggest us if you have got any other solution.


    • Did you applied the alternate solution 1, that is to find out which app is causing screen overlay issue on your samsung s5, apps which can appear on the top of other apps (Like Messenger Chat Head) or apps which can change the screen colors (such as night mode apps) causes this screen overlay issue on android devices so find out which app is causing this issue on your Samsung S5 and just uninstall those apps…
      Some Apps which can cause screen overlay issue are:

      • Messenger Chat head
      • All Night Mode Apps
      • ES File Explorer
      • All Security, Cleaners and Antivirus Apps
      • All screen recorder apps and many other apps
      • I just went through all this with a friends phone and there’s was the same. Ran for updates and it said latest version was installed but the buttons didn’t match up.

        I had to go through and uninstall pretty much everything that wasn’t default for it finally to work.

  1. Please sir am having the issue of hand free activation, telling me that they’ll contact my service provider, I don’t understand I’ve tried all I could. As for the screen overlay issues it did work. Thanks

    • First turn off screen overlay of all apps then enable all permissions of Hand Free Activation app (Settings>Apps>Hand Free App>Permissions>Enable)
      And screen overlay issue would be solved for your Hand Free App…

  2. it happened to me and after deleting clean master and other cleaners and even security cleaner it fixed itself up..if you have any off those cleanmaster apps get rid of them. also those cheap security cleaner apps

    • Hi Peter
      I was at my wits end trying to turn off the screen overlay
      When I chanced on your comment
      I got rid of the cleaning apps
      Badabing all fixed…thank you

  3. I looked at exactly what I last installed prior to having this issue. It was a photo frame app. When I uninstalled it, my screen overlay problem went away.

  4. I want to say a big thank you because it worked I was about to reset my phone thinking it’s got a virus until I saw your solution and SCREEN OVERLAY ISSUE IS OVER…

  5. Woow
    Thanks man….was having a hard time with this screen overlay thing….just unistalled ES File Explorer and everythjng was back to normal….i was literally going to throw my phone away if i hadn’t solved this problem by tomorrow

  6. I can’t fix my sisters phone i tried everything u said I even uninstalled messanger. I can’t get her voicemail to work. No matter what I try I still get the screen overlay thing. I checked for updates says there r none even tho we have the 3 dots not he more at the top right we both have s5. I’m so frustrated with it I’m abt to do a factory reset

  7. Unfortunately, the two apps I just installed that are tripping this error are screen overlays. If I turn them off,they are useless. I wonder if anyone has a real fix to this. Because other apps I have installed will occasionally use a screen overlay, but they don’t trip this error.

    • Well not really. I cannot talk for anyone else, but in my s5’s case screen overlay is just a joke. I agree with you in the sense that I too got some warning messages for some of the apps. However, I just got rid of the messages (I am sorry that I did not take note of the exact message, but I guess I just OKed it). That was the only impediment I encountered so far with some of the apps that seem to tell me they need screen overlay. On the other hand I can now use my WhatsApp, my third party File Explorer (FX) and a few others that were completely denied the right to use the storage, contact etc. (It was like somebody installed a virus on my phone and just blocked everything.) I started having issues with some apps several months ago (even with a simple third party calculator) and the problem got more and more serious. My guess in my case is that while the issue could be an Android bug, my habit of having fun testing different apps, installing and uninstalling them only makes it worse. Again, is just a guess.

    • Maybe I should be more clear about my statement above that screen overlay is just a joke. What I meant is that turning off ALL screen overlays, one by one, was the only solution for me. As I said, I got some warnings, but after I OKed them, I did not notice any other difference in the way those apps work.

  8. What an incredibly big issue in Android. I just would like to turn on my Gallery app and it is impossible. I already turned off all apps to appear over other apps even system apps in the list. But the annoying message still pops up.
    How can we check the name of the relevant screen overlay app?
    Is there any log file, or an app that can tell us the names of the screen overlay apps? A debug mode?
    Anyway, why Android doesn’t tell us the exact app name? Or how can we set Android to tell it to us?

    • Actually, this screen overlay detected error is appearing on only on the Android Marshmallow Device and right now Google is busy in developing Android P!!!

      • Thank you. Luckily I could solve the problem. I uninstalled few app and when I uninstalled a camera app after I could start the Gallery and reinstall apps again. It was very strange because Android didn’t show this camera app as a screen overlay app at all.
        I hope this information will help others as well.

  9. Solved!

    In my case, it popped up the overlay settings screen and I turned off all of them, including the system ones. There is a menu item to show the system apps. Do that and turn everything off.

    But, it still not working. I booted into recovery mode and cleared the cache. Didn’t help either.

    Then I started to uninstall the apps, starting from the latest installed ones. Finally, I found the smoking gun. go to the application settings, “Force stop” ES task manager” and “ES File Explorer”. These two evils apparently uses screen overlay. But they are not in the screen overlay settings list!
    After that, everything went back to normal. You can still keep using the two apps after the app in question is granted the permissions.

  10. I have samsung galaxy grand prime plus there is a problm of scren overlay it can not be work properly like facebook whatsap i have no like night mode nithing other i try every way but scren overlay or app permision not allow my mbil plz help me…..

  11. I solved this problem with uninstalling “Cortana” (windows assistant that sinks with your computer and stuff) Turning it off did not work, had to completely uninstall the app. And now things are right with the world

  12. Fuck this goddamn phone – fuck Samsung and fuck Android for allowing this convoluted bullshit to make it IMPOSSIBLE for simple software to work bc it requires overlay permissions in order to use?! Seriously! Who the FUCK thought this was a good idea needs to have their ass raped with a pineapple! Rooting this piece of shit and finding the turd burglar who developed this shit and doing some goddamn grocery shopping just for a special visit. Fuck you!

  13. Thank God. was beginning to think i had to wipe this stupid phone again for this mere screen overlay bug! Thank You so much!

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