How to turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3: Hey Guys, Welcome to the Screen Overlay Detected Android Help Community!!! We are here to help you guys to solve Screen Overlay Detected error on your Moto G3. Nowadays Screen Overlay Detected is one of the most annoying error on Android Marshmallow version of Moto G3 Devices and it will keep on annoying until you find an ultimate solution for How to turn off screen overlay? In this post, we are going to discuss How to turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3 Device.

Before going to the solution of How to turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3 Device, you must know What is Screen Overlay? SO that you can permanently turn off Screen Overlay on your Moto G3 Device.

When you are installing any new app on your Moto G3 Android Device then you need to permit certain permissions such as contact, storage, camera and etc. And if while installing any new app, active screen overlay settings are observed then suddenly you will see a popup with message “Screen Overlay Detected” on your Moto G3.

Screen Overlay Detected: 

To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off screen overlay from Settings > Apps

Open Settings


how to turn off screen overlay on lg

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How to turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3:

You can turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3 Device by uninstalling some applications such as Clean Master, AZ Video Recorder or Night Mode but it won’t permanently turn off screen overlay detected on Moto G3. Hence best would be to turn off screen overlay of all apps Moto G3 your Moto G3 Device. Screen Overlay Detected popup on Moto G3 Device asks us to disable screen overlay before granting permission to the newly installed apps. You can turn off Screen Overlay on Moto G3 Device by following Screen Overlay Samsung Screen Overlay Settings:

  1. Open Settings.screen overlay moto g3
  2. Scroll down to Apps.
  3. Click on Three Dots on top right corner of your mobile screen.
  4. Select Configure Apps and then select Draw Over Other Apps.
  5. Again Click on Three Dots and select Show System Apps.
  6. Now the whole list of Screen Overlay Apps on your Moto G3 Device will appear.
  7. Now turn off Screen Overlay of all apps one by one on your Moto G3 Device.

So these were following Screen Overlay Settings for all Samsung Devices such as Samsung S5, S6, S7, J7, J5, J2, Note 4, Note 5 and for all Samsung Devices. Hope this helps you guys to tackle Screen Overlay Detected on your Samsung Device and this error won’t appear on your Samsung Device.

This solution must solve Screen Overlay Detected error on your Samsung Device, if this isn’t helping you out then no worries because we have also got other solution for you guys.

Solution 2

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected on Moto G3 Device

In the first solution, we described how to turn off screen overlay detected Moto G3 Device but this is just one step solution to turn off screen overlay detected of all apps by one simple setting. In this solution, we will be resetting default apps, which will turn off screen overlay detected on Moto G3 Device for all apps. Also, Remeber Resetting Default Apps will change all default app settings, notification setting and all saved settings of all apps on your Moto G3 Device. Follow below settings to Reset App Preferences on Moto G3 Device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Apps.
  3. Tap on Three Dots.
  4. Select Reset Default Apps.
  5. Popup with warning will appear, click on Reset to Reset App Preferences.reset app preferences

This must disable screen overlay detected on your Moto G3 device. If you face Screen Overlay Detected again then you can again apply for this screen overlay detected solution, it is easy and simple to apply. Do share in a comment section below, which Screen Overlay Solution worked for your Moto G3 Device and please do suggest us if you have got any other solution.



  1. I followed all of the above steps. I am trying to give my Fitbit app to work, it needs location permission. I clock allow and I get the Screen Overlay detected. Is there anything else I can do. I would really like to be able to sync my fitbit. Also my calendar will not sync. I have a Moto G 3.
    Thank you.

    • Uninstall all unwanted apps, like ES-File Explorer, Night Mode Apps, Booster Apps, Security Apps and Anti virus apps and then check again if Screen Overlay is still appearing?


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