If you are OnePlus user then you might be facing screen overlay detected error on your OnePlus 1/2/3/3t as these OnePlus model had Marshmallow Android Version. We have covered full tutorial on how can one solve the screen overlay detected error on any OnePlus phone.

You might be keen to know that what is screen overlay on Android, let me explain you it’s definition. OnePlus introduced it’s first flagship killer OnePlus 1/X in 2014 and you might be thinking that screen overlay detected error due to due to OnePlus bug but this error appears on all Marshmallow Android Devices so Android is at fault in this case. Yeah many Android Users are complaining about Screen Overlay Detected on Tecno, Samsung Lenovo and on all Marshmallow Android Devices.

We all know that it is quite accessible to perform a number of operations on an Android Phone. People are using multiple applications simultaneously to manage different tasks with which they are involved. This has resulted in the development of a feature by Google which is termed as a Screen Overlay. When you are using this feature, it will allow other applications to be visible while you are using a particular application.

As this feature allows other applications to run over the running ones on OnePlus phones, it can likely produce a security threat. For that Android has developed a security feature where it displays an error message where it finds it suspicious. This can help the user to remain safe from suspicious third-party applications. The error message displayed is “Screen Overlay Detected” when an application overlay’s other apps on your OnePlus device.

Solving Screen Overlay Detected on OnePlus

It is quite common that we might be using multiple apps simultaneously. Overlaying of the apps is even quite useful for many applications. We have discussed here a few of the steps which you can follow to fix screen overlay detected error on any of your OnePlus (1/2/3/3t) Phone.

  1. Go to the settings application which can either be found from the notification tray or application tray. It will show you a lot of settings which are available on your device.
  2. From here go to the apps menu where you will find a small gear icon at the top. Click on that gear icon and select “Draw over other apps” option from the pop-up menu.

  3. Here you will find all the applications which are having the permission of getting opened with other applications. Just disable them based on the one which appears suspicious to you. If you are not comfortable then just disable all the applications as you can re-enable them when you re-launch.
  4. Now just open the application back without any kind of notification of “Screen Overlay Detected”.

This will solve the overlay issue on your phone as it has worked for most of OnePlus users. You can also refer to screen overlay settings of Lenovo, Samsung and other Android devices for further instructions.

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