Hey Guys, welcome to Android Help Community. We have described solution to fix and turn off Screen Overlay Detected error on Samsung Galaxy J5 device. If you are still using marshmallow version on your Samsung J5 (2015/2016/prime model) then you must have came across screen overlay error on your device.

It is quite common in Samsung to use multiple apps simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy J5. This is mainly done to improve productivity in the work with which we are involved. For keeping this smooth, a feature called screen overlay is introduced in the Android. It will help in running different apps over the apps which are already running to overlap them, for further details checkout post on what does screen overlay means.

Screen Overlay feature can also cause security threat to your device. As a result of that, a security feature is introduced in the android. It can result in blocking of the overlaying of the applications. Mainly this can occur when you have installed third-party applications in your device. It is therefore required to solve screen overlay detected popup on Samsung Galaxy J5. You can also read how to fix screen overlay on Samsung S5.

Fix Screen Overlay Detected in Samsung J5

We have discussed here a few of the steps which you can follow to solve the issue of screen overlay detected in your Samsung J5 mobile device. This method is tested on the Samsung device to identify its effectiveness.

  1. Open settings from the notification tray or from the menu option on your Samsung J5.
  2. Select Apps to see all the installed applications in your device.
  3. Now select the application which is causing screen overlay in your device. It can be identified by knowing the application which was open when you observed the error.
  4. Click on App Permissions.
  5. Here turn on all the permissions of the application which you observe.

If you are unable to fix Screen Overlay Detected error on Samsung while turning on all permissions of app on your Samsung J5 Prime then you need to boot your device into safe mode.

First, you have to initiate the safe mode on your Samsung J5 2015 mobile device to apply this method. Safe mode can be initiated by pressing and holding down the power button. It will pop-up various options where you have to hold on Power off option till a device pop-up appears for safe mode. When you press ok, it will reboot the phone in its safe mode.

Once you are in safe mode, you have to turn on all the permissions of the whatsapp or whatever app on which screen overlay was happening by following the previously described steps. You can also disable disable draw over other apps permissions of all apps on your Samsung device.

This method is working for most of the Samsung J5 2015 and Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Prime users so you can try this out in your device to solve the issue.

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