Hey Guys, As per requests from our users we are back with separate post on steps for fixing and disabling screen overlay detected in Samsung S8. Screen Overlay Detected is a common issue in Samsung, which is observed in Android Marshmallow or later version of all Samsung model including Samsung Galaxy S8.

Screen Overlay in Samsung S8 is mainly caused by the feature available in Android related to the use of multiple apps by overlaying them over one another. This is useful for multi-tasking in different applications. So, it will help you to be more productive by using many applications simultaneously.

With the availability of screen overlay detected in Samsung S8, it is also posing a threat to the security of the user. As third-party applications are allowed to be installed in Android, there are chances that it may result in security breaches. Even your sensitive data might get stolen when such an incident occurs. So this was why screen overlay appear on your Samsung and hence it is therefore required to solve this issue immediately to remain safe from such events.

Fix Screen Overlay Detected in Samsung S8

Few steps are discussed here which you can use to resolve the issue and turn off screen overlay detected in samsung s8. All these steps are tried and tested. They are found to be completely effective and safe to be used for solving the problem.

  1. Open settings either from the notification tray or menu on your Samsung S8. Here you can select the option of Apps. It will show you all the applications which are installed on your device.
  2. Now click on three dots which are present at the top right corner of your screen. There you will find an option of apps which can appear on top. This feature is mainly utilized for allowing applications to run over other running applications.
  3. Here again, click on three dots and select show system apps. It will help you to show the system apps and other apps which are overlaying over other applications. This is a comprehensive list of applications which are provided with this feature.
  4. Click on the applications and then turn off their screen overlay one by one. By doing this screen overlay won’t appear unless you turn it on. Manually you can turn it on for the applications which you find genuine to be used.

Thus, by following the steps discussed here, we can not only eradicate the issue only on Samsung S8 but using same method you will also be able to fix screen overlay in Lenovo, OnePlus or on any other Android devices. It will also ultimately help in running the device more smoothly than before. This will affect in increasing your productive output over your gadget.

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