One of the most disappointing thing that you can come across on your Tecno (W2, W3, W4, W5, Phantom 6 & etc…) Device is the ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ error while using any app. This error is prone to the Tecno Device Users who have their phones operating system as Marshmallow Version like Tecno W2, W3, W4, W5, Phantom 6 & etc. Marshmallow Version requires you first to permit features such as contact and camera before you can get to install any application. While you are in steps of giving permissions, if the screen overlay of some applications is on, then it is likely you will get this message ‘Screen Overlay Detected’. What this error does, it blocks you completely from proceeding with the installation of the application until that time you will solve it! Very few people have the expertise to solve it. This article is meant to help you do it!

Important of Screen Overly feature on Tecno Devices

Most developers have incorporated the Screen Overly feature in the Android apps that they are developing. So why are they including it? Screen Overlay does allow the android apps to appear on top of other apps. According to the Terms and Policies of Marshmallow Android Version on Tecno Devices, it states that the screen overly should be off while requesting different permission from the users.

Why Does Screen Overlay Detected Appears on Tecno Device

This error message can happen all the android devices that use Android Marshmallow. This device ranges to multiple devices including Tecno Phones. Various phones can differ in their configurations. This error message usually pops up whenever you are installing a new app on your Tecno Phone that will need some access rights, and at the same time you are using a floating app. Other apps are known to cause this problem they include Babel Fonts, ES File Explorer, the Clean Master, and Twilight. These apps take a huge chunk of the blame. For security purposes, Android apps can request permission to access certain features of the phone such as internal storage and camera. Screen overlay can affect the interaction of requesting permission. This is the main reason as to why you are required to turn off the property to grant permission.

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Fix Screen Overlay Detected on any Tecno Device

Uninstall Babel Fonts and all Unwanted Apps

First Solution to remove Screen Overlay error from on any Tecno Phone (W2, W3, W4, W5, Phantom 6 & etc…) is to uninstall Babel Fonts App from your device. Babel Fonts App majorly uses Screen overlay feature on Tecno Device, so you uninstall this app if you’re facing this issue on your device.

If screen overlay detected popup is still appearing after uninstalling Babel Fonts app on your Tecno Device then try force stopping some apps such as ES File Explorer, All DU Apps (DU Booster, Cleaner, Dr. Battery) and all night mode apps.

Turn off Screen Overlay of all Apps on your Tecno

If you are unable to find out victim app which is causing this Screen Overlay Detected popups again and again on your Tecno Device, then disable draw over other apps permission of all apps on your Tecno Device. Follow Settings to turn off screen overlay of all apps on any Tecno Device.

  1. Click Settings and open settings.
  2. Navigate through to find Apps Option.
  3. Click on Three Dots/Configure Apps option.
  4. Choose ‘Draw over other apps’.
  5. Now press on the three dots and then choose Show System Apps.
  6. Here, you will be able to get all the apps along with System Apps that has Screen Overlay on.
  7. Turn off the screen overlay of all android apps.

Now screen overlay detected popup won’t be able to appear again on your Tecno Device.

If this didn’t work out then particularly find out the app which is causing this screen overlay error on your Tecno Device

You may get to see an app that has permission to utilize the floating over other apps feature. It is crucial to be able to find out the app causing this problem and deny it permission. You may not have an idea on how to find the app causing the problem. Well, here is how:

  1. Can you locate app bubble that is on your screen? Should you find it, then this is the cause of this problem. You can go ahead and disable the application.
  2. Find an app that is installed and it changes the color of the screen or even minimize or increase the brightness such as Night Mode or Brightness Controller Apps.
  3. One of the apps that have been notorious for causing this error is Clean Master. In case you have installed it, please disable it.
  4. If you are not sure of the Android app causing this, then disable all the android applications.
  5. Now launch all the apps again. It should work well with no error message.

Apply Safe Mode on Tecno

If the above two solutions do not work, don’t worry. Try to use the ‘Safe Mode’ feature on your Tecno Device to be dealing with the app permissions. If you are going to use safe mode, please keep in mind the list of apps on which you arefacing this error, such as screen overlay on Moto G3.

Settings to Enable Safe Mode on any Tecno Device are:

  1. Shut down your phone.
  2. Press the Power button to turn it on again.
  3. Press and Hold Home Button while it is turning on.
  4. After a few seconds, it will request you to turn on ‘Safe Mode.’
  5. Click Ok. It is going to reboot in safe mood.

Once your Tecno Phone is in Safe Mode, Navigate to Settings and then to Apps. Here, scroll to locate the app on which you were facing Screen Overlay Error. Select permissions on the app page and turn on all the permission that the app and you will never face screen overlay detected error while using that app again on your Tecno Device. Reboot your phone to normal mode after turning on all the permissions of all apps on which you were facing this error.

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