What is Screen Overlay: Hey Guys, Welcome to the Screen Overlay Detected Android Help Community!!! We are here to help you guys to solve Screen Overlay Detected error on your Android device. Nowadays Screen Overlay Detected is one of the most annoying error on Android Marshmallow Device and it will keep on annoying until you find an ultimate solution. Before going for Screen Overlay Ultimate Solution, you must know What is Screen Overlay? So that you can permanently turn off Screen Overlay on your Android device.

Screen Overlay Detected error won’t allow certain apps to launch, which makes the Android real annoying beast. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy fix this error if you know what’s the main reason behind the scenes

What is Screen Overlay?

Screen Overlay is an advanced feature used by Android app that enables any app to appear on the top of other apps. Best Screen Overlay examples are Clean Master Instant Rocket Cleaner and Chat Head of Facebook Messenger.

Newly installed apps seek for certain permissions and if active Screen Overlay of any app is observed then a sudden Screen Overlay Detected Popup will appear on your screen. Now the question is what does it mean and how to overcome this issue.

what is screen overlay

Using Screen Overlay feature of chat head of messenger you can instantly reply to your friends while playing games and using screen overlay feature of Clean Master you can instantly clean junk file and background process of applications to increase battery power without launching the Clean Master.

So, if you install a new app and launch it for the first time while using Chat Head of Facebook, then you’ll get this Screen Overlay Detected popup on your screen.

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Why And When Does Screen Overlay Detected Appear?

Screen Overlay Detected appears when you are installing any new app on your Android Marshmallow Device or it may also appear when you need to manually grant permissions (Such as Allowing App to use Camera) to any application on your Android marshmallow device.

According to Marshmallow Android Terms and Policies, you need to permit drawing over other apps of all installed apps in your android device while accepting the permissions. Whenever you install any new App to your device then you need to accept certain permissions (Such as Contact, Storage, etc) and if active Screen Overlay of any application is observed then a sudden popup with message Screen Overlay Detected will appear:

Screen Overlay Detected: 

To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off screen overlay from Settings > Apps

Open Settings

screen overlay detected

Reasons Behind Screen Overlay Detected Error:

  • Screen Overlay may appear due to Clean Master App in your device. For a temporary solution, you can force stop Clean Master App while you are installing a new application or while you are granting permissions to any application.
  • Screen Overlay Detected may also appear due to some Power Consumption App. You can also temporarily force stop Power Consumption app.
  • In addition to security apps, it seems that apps that “boost” phone performance cause Screen Overlay Detected message to come up too. If you force stop or uninstall the any Security App and Performance Boost App like 360 Security, the screen overlay Samsung message will not come up.
  • DU Battery Saver App and DU Speed Booster seem main victims behind Screen Overlay Detected popups.
  • ES File Explorer is also one of the major victim behind Screen Overlay Detected popups for many Android users.

So, this was all about What is Screen Overlay? When and Why does Screen Overlay Detected Appear? and Certain Major Reasons Behind this error. Also read about Screen Overlay Detected LG. We would be glad to answer queries in a comment section below.


  1. Darn it all!! I have a LG android phone and I keep getting the same warning Screen overlay detected. Although I have followed every thing documented as per instruction on your website the error still appears no matter what I do to correct the issue??? I am ready to break my phone and buy a new one!!! I have been working on deleting the whole contents on my phone due to this draw over Screen overlay error for every app I try to use (grrrrrrrrrrrrr)!!!! I am so angry, its like a bad virus I just cant get rid of, and no where in any of the apps that I am trying to reset does it say in the small drop down that I can stop each app individually from not appearing again even though I have even just deleted several apps to try to combat this issue. I am a highly skilled tech person who just has no clue as to how to get rid of this screen overlay detected annoying error message from reappearing no matter what I do to delete the apps responsible for keeping me from a simple thing like adding a photo from my photo app into a message in messenger that I want to send to my family in Canada, every time i try to add a photo into messenger screen overlay wont allow me access to my gallery??? Please help me get rid of this malicious virus. call me at 903-303-6322

    • Yeah, I can understand your issue because first it was same for me but first you have to stay relax and calm to fix this issue on your device. Take some coke or drink to evaporate your anger and now follow whatever I say,
      You are facing this screen overlay error on your Messenger and Gallery App, right?
      First of all turn off screen overlay of all apps including all system apps, by going into Settings, Apps, Three Dots(On top right corner), Configure Apps/Draw over other apps, Again Click on Three Dots, Show System Apps, Now the list of all apps with active screen overlay will appear.
      Turn off screen overlay of all apps, one by one.
      Now you need to turn on all permissions of an app on which you were facing this screen overlay error, for example you were facing Screen Overlay error on messenger then turn on all permissions of messenger by going into Settings, Apps, Tap on Messenger App in the list, Permissions, Enable all permissions and That’s IT…!
      Now you won’t face screen overlay while using Messenger, if you are facing screen overlay on Gallery then enable all permission of Gallery App.
      Hope this help you to fix Screen Overlay Detected on your Android Device.

  2. I have followed all these steps to turn off screen overlay detected on my Lenovo.
    But still, sometimes I am facing the same problem when giving permissions to apps on my android.

    • Whenever you install any app then turn on all the permissions of that app by going into settings, apps, app name, permissions and this will not create screen overlay detected issue while using that app again in future.

  3. Finally, I can turn on all permissions of all apps after following all the step by step instructions of turning off screen overlay detected permissions of all apps. Thank you!

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